cheesin'Most people know by now I’m a believer of Tim Tebow, and as much as the haters wanted to think we have seen the end of Tebow, even they had to know he would resurface on an NFL roster eventually. That team just happens to be the New England Patriots, who signed Tebow to a two-year deal on Tuesday. We can talk about the obvious, such as the fact the Patriots didn’t sign Tebow to take the starting quarterback job. They are more than set at that position with future hall-of-famer Tom Brady and Ryan Mallett backing him up. We can also talk about the fact New England’s offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels, was the man who had a huge hand in drafting Tebow back in 2010 when he was the head coach of the Denver Broncos. We can even talk about whether or not the Patriots is the only team where Tebow could have received another shot in the NFL. Instead, I think it’s important to talk about the situation Tebow finds himself in, and more importantly, the person who is the head coach of the team. Seeing how the head coach of the Patriots is Bill Belichick, the “Tebow Circus” will not be coming into the Boston area because the structure of the franchise won’t let that happen. Sure, you’ll have a few media members come in there and try to dig for information and snoop around to find some dirt, but the Patriots’ locker room is as close and joined at the hip as any other franchise in the league, which is in result of the way Belichick runs things. In other words, this is nothing close to the dysfunction we saw in Tebow’s time with the New York Jets last season, where there was no sense of authority or stability. There is no QB controversy in New England, and the contract Tebow signed has no guaranteed money. Media access will be limited to say the least, and that could be the best thing for Tebow in order to concentrate squarely on getting better as a quarterback. At the end of the day, that is the position Tebow has played his whole football life. Even though he struggled in his starts in the NFL, Tebow still managed to revive a bad Broncos football team to lead them an AFC West division title and a playoff win in 2011-’12 before Peyton Manning was at Denver’s services. It’s no secret whether Tebow wanted it to be this way or not, every move he makes is analyzed with a fine-toothed comb. The best thing for him at this point of his career is to be in a situation where he’s around people who not only will protect him from all of the outside noise, but also believe and will work with him to become a better player. Tebow’s work ethic is unquestioned, but even the hardest of workers need someone to believe in them. It appears Tebow has found that group in the Patriots, and I’m happy for him. As for Belichick, no coach in the NFL is better at shutting out the media than he is. We can bet any question that’s asked about Tebow will be the shortest answers possible, and it’s probably for the best. Belichick will make sure Tebow gets the work necessary to improve, and the ability to coach is something he doesn’t get enough credit for. Belichick may be seen as a guy who is infamous for his involvement in Spygate and his less than welcoming attitude towards the media and other distractions, but no one can question the man’s ability to coach. Maybe after his stay in New England, Tebow will be able to say the same thing.

By Charles Taylor

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