cheesin'Cornerback Darelle Revis is now a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after being traded from the New York Jets in exchange for multiple draft picks. While some people may question whether or not this trade works for either side, I’m on the side that says it does work. It’s good for the Jets because they get something in return for arguably the best corner in the league. It didn’t appear Revis was going to resign with the Jets anyway, especially for the money he was asking for. He probably felt a little disrespected by the team because they didn’t offer him a contract in the off-season, which I really can’t blame them for. Revis is coming off of a torn ACL and there’s no telling how he’s going to come back from that injury. It was probably better to trade him so the team would be spared from any potential contract disputes or headaches, and headaches is something the Jets don’t need any more of. It’s apparent the team is trying to rebuild, which is desperately needed because the franchise is in shambles. In the attempt to rebuild, then you might as well tear the whole thing down and start from scratch, and sometimes that means getting rid of one of your best players. As for the Bucs side of the equation, you’re getting a very good defensive player who can seriously help a pass defense that was among the NFL’s worst last season. You combine Revis with the signing of All-Pro free safety Dashon Goldson, and the Bucs’ secondary, at least on paper, should be significantly better. The defense is in need of an upgrade considering Tampa Bay has to face quarterbacks such as the New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees, the Atlanta Falcons’ Matt Ryan, and the Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton twice a year. When you have that type of competition in the division, you need all of the help you can get, so why not get a corner you can build around? I also like the deal the Bucs signed Revis for, which was for six years and $96 million. Revis probably doesn’t deserve $16 million per year, so from a numbers standpoint I don’t agree, but this is a classic performance-for-pay contract. There’s no guaranteed money involved with this deal, which is surprising when you consider all of the contracts with boatloads of guaranteed money in them. To be honest, more contracts should be like this, because you never know what might happen these days. While you never want to see anyone get injured, players should not be allowed to collect millions of dollars sitting on the bench. I think the Bucs were smart to complete the deal in this fashion because they are now protected just in case something does happen to Revis. All and all, the trade was good for both sides. The Jets were able to get some draft picks to help them rebuild, and the Bucs get a shutdown corner (assuming Revis comes back healthy) who can help them become a potential contender for the NFC South Crown. I wish more trades would go down where both parties can be happy with the result.

By Charles Taylor

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