cheesin'We’re in the middle of Super Bowl week, leading up to the big game between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. There are plenty of plots leading up to the game, but perhaps the biggest plot involves Ravens middle linebacker Ray Lewis. Super Bowl XLVII is supposed to be the last game of the storied career of Lewis. If that wasn’t enough to capture your interest, how about this bombshell? Apparently, a story has come out Lewis used a banned substance to help assist in his recovery from the torn triceps muscle that sidelined him for the final 10 games of the regular season. The substance in question is some sort of deer-antler spray, which, if Lewis used this substance, is a violation of the NFL’s steroid policy. This is obviously a fluid story and will be talked about immensely in the media, but you wonder about the timing of the story. You also wonder if this story even comes out if Lewis and the Ravens don’t make the Super Bowl. If Lewis has passed every drug test he has taken in his career, there’s really not much to discuss. I would like to think this is nothing like the debacle that is cyclist Lance Armstrong, but we will find out in time. I have always looked a Lewis as a man of high character and as one of the best leaders in sports. In other words, I would be crushed if Lewis came out to be a cheater because I honestly don’t think Lewis would do something like this. I’m not saying it’s not possible, I’m just saying I would be totally surprised if he did. Back to the timing aspect of this story, I question this because I have a hard time believing this story even comes out if the Ravens don’t make the Super Bowl. It’s almost like the people who were working on this story were just waiting to see how Lewis would come back from the injury and how far the Ravens would go in their playoff run. I don’t want to sound like I’m bashing the people at Sports Illustrated for breaking this story, because I really like that magazine and the articles in that publication are as insightful as anything you’ll ever see, but the timing is really odd. Among other reasons, this is the main reason why I believe the story is not true, and if I’m wrong, you know I’ll say I was wrong. Too many times we hear a story and the accused is guilty until proven innocent, when it should be the other way around. Another question I have about this story is why does this story come out on Super Bowl Media Day, out of all days? It’s just weird how things come out at the times they do. This honestly could be a huge story or not a story at all. It might depend on the result of the Super Bowl. Whatever happens in the game, you hope Lewis can ride off into the sunset like he deserves to. Hopefully it doesn’t come out that he used banned substances. If so, I won’t be the only one who would be crushed.

By Charles Taylor

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