Let’s review what we have seen in our latest episode of “As the Lakers Turn,” the ever popular soap opera starring the Los Angeles Lakers. First we saw the team fire head coach Mike Brown on Friday, and it seemed to be a forgone conclusion Phil Jackson was going to be hired as the man in charge of  leading them to the promised land. Then came Sunday night-Monday morning, when the decision came for the Lakers front office to hire Mike D’Antoni as the coach instead of Jackson, who has won 11 NBA titles, 5 with the Lakers. We are still awaiting D’Antoni’s coaching debut and are still wondering why Jackson was not hired by the Lakers. The D’Antoni hire was a curious one in my eyes because, to be honest, I don’t understand how this makes the Lakers better. I would even go as far as to say this is Mike Brown in reverse. Brown had the reputation of being a good defensive minded head coach, but the offensive was left do be desired. D’Antoni is the opposite: an offensive genius who doesn’t concentrate too much on defense. I would think you would want to hire a coach who knows more about winning titles than just about anyone who has coached a team in professional sports. Instead, the Lakers hired a man who just saw things blow up in his face in New York last season and ended up resigning. This isn’t to say D’Antoni is a terrible coach, I just don’t know if he’s the man who will get the most out of a Lakers team that is expected to win the title this year. I heard ESPN analyst Magic Johnson talk about the hire of D’Antoni and how he doesn’t believe in Lakers owner Jim Buss (son of longtime Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss). To be honest, I agree with Johnson’s statement and I think it goes deeper than just business. Jim Buss doesn’t seem like a guy who knows a whole lot about the sport of basketball. I believe he’s a man who is a good in business, but thinks getting big name players will get you titles, sort of like Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. I also believe there is something flawed with the relationship between Jim Buss and Jackson. After all, Jackson is dating Jim’s sister Jeannie, so you never know what could be going on there. If you ask me, Jim Buss is out to prove the Lakers can win a title with other coaches besides Jackson, almost as if to say they don’t want to go back to the past. Jim Buss and general manager Mitch Kupchak made a joint statement saying they just felt D’Antoni is “the best fit for the team at this time.” Please let me know if you come across anyone who honestly believes that statement. Bottom line, it’s going to be feast or famine for this Lakers team. All of these players, from Kobe Bryant, to Dwight Howard, to Steve Nash, were brought together to win a title right now. It has the potential to become a huge mess if this D’Antoni hire doesn’t work out. I guess we will all be watching with a fine-toothed comb. Stay tuned for the next episode of “As the Lakers Turn.”

By Charles Taylor

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  1. Alexander Conklin said:

    If the Lakers don’t win an NBA finals during Mike D’Antoni’s coaching tenure with the team. It will be an utter failure.

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