If you don’t know by now, I am a huge San Francisco 49ers fan. Looking back at last week’s game against the Minnesota Vikings last Sunday, it was apparent we saw a 49ers team that started believing their own hype. I’m not a man who would take away any credit from a team, and it’s not going to start today. The Vikings were ready to play and they deserved the 24-13 victory they earned a few days ago. They outplayed the 49ers and caught them with their guard down. We saw a 49ers team that got caught up with all of the hype surrounding them, and that is the worst thing that can happen when you play in the NFL. It’s important to remember you do not win the Super Bowl after two weeks in the regular season. After strong victories over the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions, the 49ers were seen by most people as the best team in the NFL. You heard from fans, the media, and the “experts.” Going into Minnesota, many people (including myself) felt like it would be a slam dunk victory for the 49ers. Instead, they ran into a snake pit of motivated Vikings players who seemed a little bit chippy and heard the same hype we heard. This is what happens when you start believing you’re own hype. The other teams become dangerous because they want to prove the reason behind why they play the games on the field, and not on paper. The 49ers got what they deserved last week, a piece of humble pie. Sometimes that’s the best medicine for a team that’s developed a little bit of an inflated ego. This is a situation where I would say a loss will actually help a team down the line. Now don’t get me wrong. You never want to go out and lose any competition, but sometimes it takes a loss to reel everything back down to earth. I think the Vikings loss will help the 49ers, and it’s bad news for the New York Jets on Sunday. I think head coach Jim Harbaugh has the attention of the 49ers players and they will not be caught sleepwalking this week. The 49ers will get back to doing what they do best, which is playing good, strong defense and running the football. Another thing that was uncharacteristic of the ‘Niners was the fact they lost the turnover battle against the Vikings. I think all of these things will get fixed this weekend and they will beat the Jets solidly. I’m predicting a 31-10 San Francisco victory to get things back in order. The 49ers actually need this victory because they have the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks playing good football in the NFC West (the Cardinals are still undefeated). Remember it was a forgone conclusion the 49ers would run away with this division, and that still may be the case as the season goes on. But the 49ers can’t have any more slip ups like last week. I don’t think this week will be one of these slip ups.

By Charles Taylor

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