So the Orlando Magic have come out and said they aren’t going to trade disgruntled center Dwight Howard anytime soon. I guess this means more unnecessary drama will continue for the foreseeable future. Personally, I’m tired of hearing about Howard and his tendency to flip-flop depending on what time it is during the day. Another part of me says this is what Howard gets for his actions. This man has no clue what he wants to do and no idea where he wants to go. Apparently, Howard wanted to become a member of the Brooklyn Nets, but the Magic said no to the Nets’ final trade offer. So the Nets did what they should’ve done, which is move on. Now it appears Howard will stay in Orlando for a little while longer. Let’s talk about the facts. The Magic have every right to hold on to Howard and look for the best available offer for Howard’s services. The dangerous part of this strategy is the available teams that have been contacted may move on and tend to their own business, which has transpired in a couple of cases. The Nets have already moved on (at least for the time being). The Los Angeles Lakers appear ready to move on from this saga as well (at least temporarily). The Houston Rockets don’t appear to have the pieces the Magic would want to compensate for the potential loss of Howard. Of course this remains to be seen how this whole thing will ultimately turn out, but here is the number one factor why this whole thing is funny to me and why I say Howard is getting what he deserves. One, Howard was going back and forth on whether or not he wanted to stay in Orlando or try to go to another team. Howard would come out and openly say what team he would want to play for, knowing he is still a member of the Magic. How are Howard’s teammates supposed to feel when they hear their star player basically say they aren’t good enough. Two, and most importantly, Howard was supposed to be a free agent this summer, but he decided to sign with the Magic for his option year. When Howard made that choice, he gave up every bit of leverage that he had as far as free agency goes. He is now still under contract with the Magic, which meant no free agency for him. Howard probably would’ve been with the Nets by now if he would’ve just opted out. Howard apparently understands this now, which is why he allegedly came out and said the Magic blackmailed him into signing on for the option year. This is why Howard is trying to bully his way out of Orlando, and fact that the Magic is taking their time exploring all of their options is exactly what Howard deserves. I never thought anyone could handle a situation any worse than how Miami Heat forward LeBron James handled his time in free agency before he decided to “take his talents to South Beach.” But at least James made a decision and stuck with it. Howard can’t even make up his mind on what he wants and he hasn’t even tested the market as an free agent. I think it’s safe to say Howard looks so much worse than James ever did. You only hope Howard can learn from this debacle and mature. Right now, I don’t see any maturation process happening with Howard anytime soon. He talks about how loyal he is, but will turn around the next minute and say he wants out. That’s all we heard from Howard last year, and it sounds like we will be hearing more of the same in the months to come. So if you like soap operas, this Dwight Howard saga should keep you entertained.

By Charles Taylor

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