I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw that free agent wide receiver Terrell Owens, who is still hoping to get back into the NFL, fired his longtime agent and friend Drew Rosenhaus on Monday. Owens actually thinks this move will help him get back into the league and get his life back in order. I think it’s long overdue for Owens to realize that the problems he has had in his life have nothing to do with the people around him. The problems have everything to do with one person….Terrell Owens!!!! That’s right, Owens refuses to admit that he is solely responsible for why he hasn’t been able to sign with another NFL team. This is just another sad and disgusting case about a player who has all of the ability in the world, but his attitude and selfishness stops him from reaching his full potential. All I hear from Owens is how he just wants to find a team who believes in him and his abilities. We all know what type of player he is and has been over the course of his career. The numbers Owens has put up are definitely hall of fame worthy. NFL teams will tell you the reason why they won’t sign Owens is because he is 38 years old and they worry about complications from the torn ACL he suffered in 2010, but here’s the deal with that. Teams can sign Owens for a contract that would be cap-friendly and not costly at all (if Owens would be willing to take it) and just cut their losses if it doesn’t workout. From an ability standpoint, Owens could still be a legit starter in this league and put up high numbers. In my opinion, the real reason why teams won’t sign Owens is because of the chemistry problems he has been known to cause. There are countless stories I could point to as far as Owens disrupting chemistry and being a bad teammate goes. It’s just a road that teams are not willing to go down at this point. There’s a reason why things ended on sour notes for Owens in San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dallas, Buffalo, and Cincinnati. I could understand if it was a isolated incident, but this is documented history. When you have a documented history, it most likely means there is a problem with the individual. You know no one wants anything to do with you when you hold a open tryout for all 32 NFL teams to see, look good in the tryout, and nobody calls for your services. The man just got cut from the Indoor Football League’s Allen Wranglers for numerous violations. Owens, in typical Owens fashion, is saying that it was the Wranglers who messed things up and he’s threatening to sue if he doesn’t get an apology and $160,000 dollars. After all of the mess Owens has caused in his career, I’m inclined to say the Wranglers are not the ones at fault here. Here’s the fact of the matter. Owens’ ability as a football player has never been a doubt. The questions come when you talk about his ego, personality, and his mindset. Owens has burned so many bridges in his career, and he’s too stuck on himself to figure that out. I don’t see any team taking a chance on this guy. If I was a betting man, I would say that Terrell Owens has played his final game in the NFL. I said it’s sad and disgusting, but to me it’s probably more disgusting because of the way he has gone about his business. His act has gotten old and teams are looking past him. Here’s the sad part. All of this is happening to Owens, and he doesn’t even realize that the cause of it all is the man he sees in the mirror every morning when he wakes up.

By Charles Taylor

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